Keeping Up with the Digitalised Adult Education

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Keeping Up with the Digitalised Adult Education

Project coordinator is VšĮ Edukaciniai projektai

Project partners:

  • NO-Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway)

  • Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association (Estonia)

  • Latvian Adult Education Association (Latvia)

  • Eesti People to People (Estonia)

The main goal of the project is to promote a creative approach of adult trainers towards incorporating ICT tools in the training of learners. This seems to be even more important now when almost all forms of education have been transferred online. Adult educators now more than ever need to catch up with today’s reality, improve their own competences as well as find attractive, involving, motivating and not complex ICT tools to work with their learners.

Although Estonia remains a leading country in Europe for digital public services but it still lags behind in the integration of digital technologies compared to the EU average. In Latvia half of the population has no or low digital skills. Part of the Lithuanian population still refrains from online actions due to the lack of necessary skills.

The project aims to create “Digital Workshops” published in a Toolkit for ICT competences development of adult trainers and learners. The strength of Toolkit consists of combining virtual and technological aspects with a creative, artistic and scientific approach with the aim of improving basic/key competence of adults. 

We seek to promote a more user-friendly, simple learning of ICT combined with other key competences in order to enable adults to be active members of digital society.

Digital Mind

Planned activities

  • We aim to prepare adult trainers of our organisations (10 directly and then pass knowledge to other staff), 32 adult trainers from other organisations,

  • To test workshops with at least 32 adult learners,

  • Spread the created Toolkit of Digital Workshops among adult education providers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Norway.

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