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Cooperation in Competition

Project coordinator is We are Entrepreneurs (Denmark)

Project partners:


  • Eesti People to People (Estonia)

  • VšĮ Edukaciniai projektai (Lithuania)

  • Prios Kompetanse AS (Norway)

  • RISEBA University of Applied Sciences (Latvia)

  • Department of Industry and Businesses, Avannaata Kommunia (Greenland)

The project addresses the impact of COVID19 on micro and small businesses in rural areas in the Nordic and Baltic countries by facilitating adult training in cluster work and digital skills.

Co-in-Co aims to support hard-hit industries such as tourism, agriculture, transportation, and retail which can benefit (1) from increasing their competitiveness by acquiring digital skills, and (2) by co-creating solutions to shared challenges with neighboring businesses through cluster network.


- Engage: local micro and small businesses in discussions and knowledge sharing to strengthen their cooperation, and to better understand their needs for training and upskilling for the post-COVID19 world.

- Train: the project partners and the participating companies in the topics of “Entrepreneurship in cluster networks”, “General digital skills”, and “Digital skills for entrepreneurs” to provide them with tools for the future.

- Develop training material in the above-mentioned topics and the Book of Business, as well as a website as a dissemination platform for the project.

- Raise awareness: about the impact COVID-19 is having on micro and small businesses located in rural areas in the Nordic/Baltic regions due to the limited access and usage of technology and digital skills.

Books On Shelf

Planned activities

1. Training program on the following topics:

  • “Entrepreneurship in cluster networks”,

  • “General digital skills”,

  • “Digital skills for entrepreneurs”;

2. Book of Business; 

3. Project website.

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