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Happy Circle

Expert roundtable method development program

Project coordinator is RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology (Latvia)

Project partners:

  • Eesti People to People (Estonia)

  • Com&Train (Denmark)

  • VšĮ Edukaciniai projektai (Lithuania)


Very often entrepreneurs don't believe in formal education and its decrease the ability of students get a job in specialty ore to get a job with a good salary, after formal education they should get life education incorporation at least 3-5 years, to work in that position which is appropriate to the level of education. It creates a gap between students and formal education. Students more and more lose sense and importance of education, they see formal education just as a paper - diploma, but not as a value. Therefore, the essence of this project is to achieve a concept that would enable entrepreneurs to have more confidence in students with formal education and in turn give students and experts opportunities and perspectives in the business environment.

Project outcomes:

1. Website platform with the project info, aim, researchers, and developed methodology

2. Methods to apply in education or in entrepreneurship

The duration of the project is two years.

Levitated Objects

Numatytos veiklos

  1. Iš viso planuojama surengti 10 edukacinių užsiėmimų (skirtingose klasėse) Šiaulių miesto mokyklose, kurių metu 200 (1-5 klasių) mokinių dalyvaus projekto edukaciniuose užsiėmimuose.

  2. Užsiėmimų metu planuojama sukurti 30 animacinių filmukų apie mokinių patiriamus sunkumus bendraujant su bendraamžiais bei adaptuojantis naujoje aplinkoje.

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