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Broken Jugs

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Project coordinator - Foundation Institute of Social Re-Integration IRIS (Poland)

Project partners:

Koinoniki Ensomatosi - Astiki Mi Kerdoskopiki Etaireia (Greece)

VSI Edukaciniai Projektai (Lithuania)


The idea of the project "Broken Jugs" is an integrated activity of deaf people and volunteers during the unique ceramics workshops, thus emphasizing the value of art and artistry, involving the moulding of jars and other ceramic stuff, using modern technology through 3D printing.

The main goal of this project is to change the perception of deaf people and highlight their importance and rights in society.


Detailed objectives:

  1. integration of youth with disabilities and able-bodied young people;

  2. promotion of social inclusion;

  3. increasing the appurtenance to the EU by taking actions for a common goal (by the "Yes for otherness" rule);

  4. strengthening/ shaping the attitude of tolerance and respect for justice and rights of deaf people;

  5. increasing intercultural awareness;

  6. protection of human rights and freedoms;

  7. popularization of European democracy principles.


During the project, we will create:

  • 32 ceramic products with 3D printing elements;

  • 1 e-album;

  • 1 e-gallery.

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