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Training of social workers is suitable for accreditation!

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16 acad. hrs.

1. Participants will get acquainted with the theoretical concept of effective communication, internal and external conflicts experienced, their management, with different problem-solving methods in the face of an aggressive client.

2. Strategies for overcoming the crisis of people with mental disabilities will be discussed.

3. Emotion-triggering therapy exercises will be performed, clients ’body language will be analyzed, and messages will be sent.

4. It will be discussed how we imagine a person with a disability, what is the attitude of different people. The aim is to find out the attitude of the participants towards a person with a disability.

55 Eur

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10 acad. hrs.

1. Participants will discuss factors that determine burnout and its levels, get acquainted with the principles that help prevent burnout.


2. Will get acquainted with the theory of motivation and the principles of self-motivation.


3. Stimulant material will be provided, which will allow participants to become more visually acquainted with the material provided.

35 Eur

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