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STEAMulate your school

2019 09 01 - 2022 04 30


The main priority of this project is to help students acquire and develop key competencies through effective and innovative methodologies that promote collaboration between science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) subjects and IT, media. In order to develop students' digital competencies, increase the attractiveness of STEAM subjects, it is necessary to find ways to bring teachers closer to methods and projects that would interest them.


Cooperation to Combat Cyber-bullying and Hate Speech in (Pre-) Primary Schools - VOICE

2020.09.01 – 2022.12.31


The project is focusing on the challenges of the digital world – cyberbullying and hate speech online – and proposes a different approach of work – listening to the opinion of children and promoting co-education where schools as well as parents are involved in solving these issues.


Co-education in Green: tools for adult educators to transform shared outdoor spaces into accessible green learning spaces

2020.11.01 – 2022.10.31


The main goal of the project is to help adult educators to develop competencies by fostering common values, promoting social integration and personal participation, and to contribute to solving environmental problems by transforming common outdoor spaces into greener and more educational spaces.


Play Your Role: Gamification Against Hate Speech

2019 07 01 – 2021 06 30


The aim is to use games to create a safe environment for dialogue, debate and discussion on the issue of hate speech online. The project aims to use games to combat hate speech online.

Digital Storytelling.jpg

CHAT2020 - Implementation Digital Storytelling Methods in Adult Education

2020 09 15 - 2022 09 14


The aim is to develop a toolkit of good practices on digital tools for adult educators to make training materials more interesting, accessible and relevant to adults, taking into account different ways of receiving information.

Logo DigiComp 1.1.png

Digital Tools for Digital Challenges (DIGIPRO)

2021 04 01 - 2023-03-31


The aim of this project is to contribute to the reduction of  cyberbullying, hatred by improving the digital, media, personal, social and civic competences of children aged 6-14, parents and teachers, as well as to promote common EU values, unity and diversity, foster intercultural competences, critical thinking and media literacy.


Mail Art 4 Seniors

2021 06 01 - 2023 05 31


The aim is to develop a training programme for adult educators and to contribute to reducing loneliness and isolation among older people through the mail art.

The project will develop a new non-formal education training programme for adult educators on how to help seniors overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness, ensure personal well-being, maintain social ties and enjoy a quality of life in a pandemic era, through the mail art.


Media Education - a Challenge to Overcome (MECO)

2021 11 01 - 2023 07 01


Media literacy education is intended to promote awareness of media influence and create an active stance towards both consuming and creating media. At the same time as the importance of media education, we must consider the challenges that digital transformation creates for online safety and cyber hygiene. It is important to strengthen adult’s critical thinking, so they can judge and overcome the ever-present threats of fake news, cyber bullying, radicalization, cybersecurity threats and fraud. 

Therefore, the main goal is to create an effective and repeatable learning model at the European through the development of a more attractive training program and corresponding to the individual needs and expectations of adults.



2022 02 28 - 2024 02 27


WE ARE COLOURFUL focuses on preventing, identifying and reducing problems caused by differences in the classroom.

Asset 11x_edited.png

T4T - Tools4Teaching in Digital Education Settings 

2021 11 01- 2023 10 31


T4T project focuses on supporting adult educators and formal, non-formal and informal training providers to effectively shift towards digital education and to provide the same level of learners’ interaction and ‘human-like’ experience, as in the physical environment.



2022 - 2024


The project aims:

  • to help museums to have a greater understanding of the needs of PWD visitors and implement necessary changes and improvements in the environment and in attitude

  • to share best practices in improving skills and competences of cultural institutions and students to work with PWD in order to improve their access to CH;

  • to put forward innovative accessibility solutions, which allow PWD to fully enjoy CH

  • to engage PWD as advisors, co-creators and evaluators of proposed accessibility solutions

cope project logo.jpg

Suaugusiųjų švietėjų kompetencijų ugdymas dirbti su agresyvaus elgesio besimokančiaisiais - COPE 

2022 09 01 - 2024 08 31


Šio projekto pagrindinis tikslas yra suteikti suaugusiųjų švietėjams, mokymų vadovams, socialinės globos įstaigų darbuotojams efektyvius metodus, kurie padėtų: a) mažinti, valdyti ir sustabdyti psichikos ir (ar) intelekto negalią turinčių asmenų agresyvų elgesį;

b) lavinti švietėjų emocinio atsparumo įgūdžius siekiant didesnio suaugusiųjų įsitraukimo į švietimą ir visas kitas gyvenimo sritis.


Ekologiškas ir įtraukus skaitmeninis suaugusiųjų švietimas - EkoDigi

2022 09 01 - 2024 08 31


Projekto tikslas – sukurti skaitmeninę mokymo medžiagą ir įrankius, padedančius efektyviai naudoti aplinkai draugiškas  skaitmenines technologijas. Projekto metu bus apjungtas skaitmeninis pasirengimas ir atsparumas, aplinkos tvarumas ir įtrauktis be ištirtos įvairios šių sąvokų sankirtos, suburiant šių sričių ekspertus ir organizacijas.

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