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Empowering Educators and Families for LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Support (ELIS)

Teenagers in Park

Empowering Educators and Families for LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Support (ELIS)


Project partners:

  • European Development Foundation (Bulgaria)

  • Modurmal samtok um Russneskt tvityngi (Iceland)

The overall aim of this project is to foster an inclusive environment where children with a different sexual orientation and/or gender identity feel safe, respected, and empowered to thrive. The project will work towards achieving this aim by focusing on the following specific objectives:

1. Develop educational resources and materials that will improve awareness and understanding of LGBTIQ+ issues among teachers and their ability to address these topics as part of school education.

2. Develop educational and support materials for parents and encourage supportive and positive parenting practices, fostering acceptance and respect.

3. Pilot a training program for teachers and parents, on the basis of the created materials, enabling their testing in a practical setting.

4. Disseminate the products developed by the project in the school education systems in the partner countries, with a view to equipping teachers and parents with the knowledge and tools to create LGBTIQ+ inclusive environments in schools and homes.

5. Facilitate links and exchange of good practices between the partner countries, participating organisations and stakeholders in relation to the themes addressed by the project.

6. Increase the capacity of the partner organisations to address LGBTIQ+ issues and improve the knowledge and understanding of their expert staff.

Teenagers in Park


  1. Guidelines for teachers on LGBTIQ+ inclusion

  2. Development of educational resources for parents and teachers

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