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RE-START: Upskilling Competences and Enabling Seniors for International Experiences

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Project coordinator – VšĮ Edukaciniai projektai

Project partners:

RUTIS (Portugal)

edEUcation (France)

The main objective of this project is to strengthen our organisation's capacity to effectively support and involve seniors, and to enable seniors to acquire useful skills themselves.

In the framework of this project, 7 adult trainers, social workers, and training programme developers will participate in 5-day training in France. During a comprehensive 5-day training course, participants will become proficient in the Forget-me-not (FMN) method and learn how to tailor reminiscence activities for diverse settings. They will be equipped with essential tools to promote the methodology nationally to professionals working with seniors. Additionally, the training will offer opportunities to engage with French experts, allowing for the exchange of knowledge and discussion of shared challenges.

In addition, 5 adult learners will have a three-day visit to RUTIS, the University of the Third Age Network Association that is located in Portugal. During the visit adult learners will learn about the association’s activities for seniors, their work, and visit a Third Age University. They will be included in learning experiences where language is not a barrier.

Promotion of Lifelong Learning: Seniors will be provided with opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills, encouraging continuous personal growth.

Support for Active Aging: Engaging seniors in meaningful activities will help support their active participation in society and enhance their quality of life.

Exchange of Experiences: Seniors and professionals working with them will share their experiences with professionals in other countries.

Internationalization of EDUPRO: Cross-border exchanges and cooperation will strengthen EDUPRO's international cooperation.

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