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Green Juices

Motivating Strategies to Recover from Pandemic Induced Habits

Project coordinator - VšĮ Edukaciniai projektai (Lithuania)

Project partners:

  • NO-Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway)


  • DK-Com&Train (Denmark)

During the pandemic, people became more sedentary, most stayed or worked from home, therefore their overall health deteriorated. Various surveys and observations from health professionals have shown an increase in the number of people experiencing various anxiety disorders, difficulty coping with stress, a decline in eating skills, and a decrease in physical activity, resulting in a decrease in overall public health and health literacy.

The aim is to encourage adult trainers to update their knowledge of healthy lifestyle promotion using contemporary technologies (social media, apps, smartphones).

Project results:

1. The main result of the project is the 3 modules related to the physical activity, healthy diet, and mental health.

2. Each country participating in the project will organize a webinar during which the material of the modules will be presented and tested in practice.

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