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MECO Media Education- a Challenge to Overcome

Creative Work

MECO Media Education- a Challenge to Overcome


Project coordinator: VšĮ EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI.


Project partners:

  • NIKANOR LTD (Bulgaria)


  • Petit Pas (Italy)

  • Lidi Smart Solutions (Netherlands)

Media culture has expanded massively over the last decades. There is a range of new media: smartphone, cable and satellite television, computers, laptops, camcorders, new 'on-line' interactive services, video discs and other consumer oriented interactive software. The movement from analogue to digital coding and the consolidation of communications conglomerates has given rise to a growing interpenetration of media, as genres, themes and contents flow from one to another with increasing fluidity.

Media literacy education is intended to promote awareness of media influence and create an active stance towards both consuming and creating media. At the same time as the importance of media education, we must consider the challenges that digital transformation creates for online safety and cyber hygiene. It is important to strengthen adult’s critical thinking, so they can judge and overcome the ever-present threats of fake news, cyber bullying, radicalization, cybersecurity threats and fraud. Europe’s digital transformation will accelerate with the rapid advance of new technologies like previous major technological advances, digititalization affects how people live, interact, study and work.

Therefore, the main goal is to create an effective and repeatable learning model at the European through the development of a more attractive training program and corresponding to the individual needs and expectations of adults.



1. Improve the level of skills of 25 EDUCATORS to adequately contribute to enhance the potential of adults, and development of critical thinking and personal responsibility;

2. Facilitate access of 150 ADULTS to informal learning opportunities and exchanges of experiences, possibility of widening their competencies and developing their skills throughout life, learn to think critically, adults aware, critics and masters of their thinking and their actions;

3. Enhance the capacity of 15 ADULT ORGANIZATIONS to appropriately valorize adults, equip organizations that work whit adults with new training tools and materials to support the target group on which they operate, improve and expand the offer of personalized quality learning.

Open Book


MECO- Essential needs of educators to support adult learners with fewer opportunities

This represents a comprehensive needs analyses report comprising several aspects of adult education from the needs of educators that work with adult learners with fewer opportunities, to the methods of to encourage adults to engage in lifelong learning and social activities.

MECO TOOLKIT The objective of this PR is to create a training material that provides the project’s target groups with high-quality knowledge and skills needed to guide adult educators to teach to develop critical thinking among the adults and abilities to recognize the fraudulent use of the web.

MECO PLATFORM The "e-learning Platform" will serve as an open education digital platform for the provision of the training material developed throughout the project.

MECO Competence Assessment (incl. User’s guide of the ICT tool).

The main aim of the ICT tool for Competence Assessment will be to evaluate the knowledge and starting skills of the target group, identification of the needs of the specific target groups that need to be addressed in order to provide them with useful skills.

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