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Programme organiser - VšĮ Edukaciniai projektai

The aim of the programme is to provide people aged 55+ and 65+ with ecological and environmental knowledge and practical skills in recycling secondary raw materials.

The programme conveys the ideas of sustainability and environmental friendliness, encouraging participants to pay attention, to take a closer look at the durability of packaging, clothing and other materials, and the possibilities for reuse and proper recycling. Ecology and environmental protection start at home. The training will also introduce participants to the possibilities of creating a business through the production of a new product from recycled materials.

Programme objectives:
1. To promote environmental awareness among the 55+ and 65+ age group;
2. To develop strong environmental values among participants, which will encourage them to choose a more sustainable lifestyle;
3. To test 4 recycling practices and be able to "resurrect recyclables" as follows contributing to the acquisition/recovery of work skills and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

Duration of the programme: The programme is expected to run from May to November 2023.

The number of participants: 2 groups of 10 people are foreseen to participate in the 60 academic hours of the programme. Total of 20 participants (aged 55+ and 65+).

Germinated Plant

Topics of the workshops

1. Environment and ecology. What's in it for me?
2. Recycling. And I can! Practical recycling activities I (paper, cardboard)
3. Practical recycling activities II (plastic)
4. Practical recycling activities III (textile)
5. Practical recycling activities IV (candle)
6. Opportunities for individual activities

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