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2nd MailArt4Seniors module

CRAFTS IS A POPULAR ACTIVITY THAT IS AT LEAST AS A TERM, KNOWN TO ALL PEOPLE. Mail art, on the other hand, is not that easy to explain, or find a definition for, that easily. Its aim was to create the opportunity for a direct exchange of art, ideas and information among artists in different countries without interference from art dealers or galleries.

Today we would like to introduce you with another training module: Artisan techniques and materials in mail art.

Craft is deeply rooted in all cultures around the globe, and lends its influences across borders. From its multi-sourced inception, mail art is a network language that embraces the importance of multiculturalism. It is an open, democratic form by which multiple, shared identities exist and flourish together.

When facilitating Multisensory Card workshops with seniors, pay attention to: the process of gathering and feeling the materials, exploring the theme and design, enjoying the whole experience: make it into a well-being and social encounter, share the creations with other participants.

Stay tuned for more techniques and workshop suggestions. All our modules will be available to download for free on our e-platform in January.

Why not register on while you’re waiting?

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