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MECO platform

The primary objectives of the project MECO – Media Education – a Challenge to Overcome revolve around raising awareness of media influence and enhancing adults' critical thinking skills in the digital world. This project has four main results: report about the essential needs of educators to support adult learners with fewer opportunities, toolkit, e-learning platform, and self-assessment tool. Today we are going to present the e-learning platform.

The main aim of this platform is to equip adult educators and learners with the necessary knowledge and resources. Access is granted only to those who register. This platform comprises three main sections: one for educators, another for learners, and a user guide.

The "for educators" section covers the following ten topics:

1. ICT-related addiction

2. Cyberbullying of/ by adults

3. The potential of digital tools/ new technologies in learning paths

4. ICT tools for assessing the knowledge of end-users

5. Social Networks

6. The risks of the digital world/the dark side of social networks

7. New technologies at work to promote innovation and creativity

8. Critical thinking development in the use of the web for adult

9. Awareness raising of adult trainers on video games, online gambling, online child pornography, online grooming, sexting, risks associated with online commerce, pro-suicide, pro-anorexia, and pro-bulimia websites

10. E-learning platform development for adults

Each topic has a lesson plan, case study, microlearning content, and presentation that might be downloaded.

The second section “for learners” has the same 10 topics that include: introduction, what will you achieve through this self-reflection, questions to ask myself, checklist, follow-up activities, take-away notes – next steps, and downloadable material.

In the third section “user guide” you will learn how to access and navigate around the e-learning platform.

If you feel interested in this platform you have the opportunity to try it out here.

Project coordinator – VšĮ Edukaciniai projektai (Lithuania)

Project partners:

  • NIKANOR LTD (Bulgaria)


  • Petit Pas (Italy)

  • Lidi Smart Solutions (Netherlands)

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