Creative Work


Project coordinator – Edukaciniai projektai

Project partners:

  • Associacio Programes Educatius Open Europe (Spain)

  • "Microkosmos" Associazione Culturale ItaloEllenica per la Formazione (Italy)

  • Kretingos Marijono Daujoto progimnazija (Lithuania)

  • Foundation for Education and Innovation "Zini" (Latvia)

  • First Private School Leonardo da Vinci Ltd (Bulgaria)

Current complex diverse realities in European schools in terms of students' cultural backgrounds, economic status and social inequalities open up a whole new field of study to approach diversity, inclusion, and children’s background (in any sense) during schooling. Many schools have identified a lack of knowledge on cognitive, social, and emotional development processes among their professionals. It is evident that this lack of knowledge hinders their daily work, as they cannot devote as much time as it is needed to addressing the conflicts deriving from differences among students in the class; don’t mention the lack of resources and tools to do so. Besides, given the high complexity in European educational centers deriving from multicultural, heterogeneous, and diverse realities in terms of children’s backgrounds and status, it urges to meet school teachers needs in terms of training and provision of materials to ensure optimal class management. The WE ARE COLOURFUL project focuses on the prevention, identification, and reduction of the problems generated in the classroom due to differences between pupils.

Partners have set the following specific objectives:

  • To equip teachers with the necessary tools and strategies to detect and solve problems caused by cultural diversity and social disparities and differences in children’s development and learning processes.

  • To develop new methods that can be used for the detection of learning difficulties and implementation of solutions.

  • To establish international and cross sectorial cooperation through knowledge transfer and exchange of good practices.

Open Book


  • Development of an online course for the school educational community “How to turn diversity into our ally”;

  • Toolkit for the detection of learning difficulties and socio-affective problems;

  • Development of videos and workshops to promote cultural diversity, intellectual variability and developmental differences among students.