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STEAMulate Your School 

2019 09 01 - 2022 04 30


The aim is to help students acquire and develop key competencies through effective and innovative methodologies that foster collaboration between science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) subjects and IT and media.


Collaboration to Combat Cyberbullying and Hate Speech in Preschool and Primary Classes

01/09/2020 - 31/12/2012


The project focuses on the challenges of the digital world - electronic bullying and hate speech on the Internet. The project offers a different approach to work - listening to children and encouraging closer involvement of the school and parents in solving these problems.


Co-education in Green: tools for adult educators to transform common outdoor spaces into accessible green learning spaces

01/11/2020 - 31/10/2020


The aim is to help adult educators develop competencies by fostering shared values, promoting social integration and personal participation, and contributing to environmental issues by transforming shared outdoor spaces into greener and more educational spaces.


PLAY YOUR ROLE: Games Against Hate Speech

2019 07 01 - 2021 06 30


The aim is to create a safe environment for dialogue, debate and online discussion of hate speech through games. The project aims to use games to combat hate speech online.

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CHAT2020 - Digital Storytelling Tools in Adult Education

2020 09 15 - 2022 09 14


The aim is to develop a set of good practice examples of digital tools for adult educators to help make teaching materials more interesting and acceptable to adults, taking into account the different ways in which information is received.

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Digital Tools for Digital Challenges (DIGIPRO)

2021 04 01 - 2023-03-31


The aim is to offer teachers and youth workers new tools to talk about online bullying, to promote acceptance, understanding and tolerance of each other.

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Expert roundtable method development program (EXPROMED)

08/2021 - 07/2023


The essence of this project is to achieve a concept that would enable entrepreneurs to have more confidence in students with formal education and in turn give students and experts opportunities and perspectives in the business environment..

Project outcomes:

1. Website platform with the project info, aim, researchers, and developed methodology.

2. Methods to apply in education or in entrepreneurship.

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Cooperation in Competition (Co in Co)

11/2021 - 02/2024


The project addresses the impact of COVID19 on micro and small businesses in rural areas in the Nordic and Baltic countries by facilitating adult training in cluster work and digital skills.

Co-in-Co aims to support hard-hit industries such as tourism, agriculture, transportation, and retail which can benefit

(1) from increasing their competitiveness by acquiring digital skills;

(2) by co-creating solutions to shared challenges with neighboring businesses through cluster network.

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Keeping Up with the Digitalised Adult Education (NORDPLUS ICT)

06/2021 - 11/2022


The main goal of the project is to promote a creative approach of adult trainers towards incorporating ICT tools in the training of learners. This seems to be even more important now when almost all forms of education have been transferred online. Adult educators now more than ever need to catch up with today’s reality, improve their own competences as well as find attractive, involving, motivating and not complex ICT tools to work with their learners.


Mail Art 4 Seniors

2021 06 01 - 2023 05 31


MailArt4Seniors project will focus on building a new innovative non-formal training program for Adult educators (social workers involved with
the elderly, professionals working in elderly care homes, geriatric psychologists, geriatric nurses, artists offering workshops to elderly people) to help seniors cope with isolation and
loneliness, ensure their personal well-being, maintain their social life and enjoy a quality daily living during the pandemic through mail art activities.


Algorithm of Violence and Bullying Intervention in General Education Schools

2021 03 02 - 2021 12 31

SAP / A00981

The algorithm is a consistent and complex system for overcoming violence and bullying, which, if implemented in a school, would run a year-long prevention, intervention and post-intervention program that reaches every member of the community. According to the project, a pilot implementation of such an algorithm is planned in one of the schools of Šiauliai city, one in Joniškis district and one in Akmenė district school.


Media Education - a Challenge to Overcome (MECO)

2021 11 01 - 2023 07 01


Europe’s digital transformation will accelerate with the rapid advance of new technologies like previous major technological advances, digitalization affects how people live, interact, study and work. It is important to strengthen adult’s critical thinking, so they can judge and overcome the ever-present threats of fake news, cyber bullying, radicalization, cybersecurity threats and fraud.

Therefore, the main goal is to create an effective and repeatable learning model at the European through the development of a more attractive training program and corresponding to the individual needs and expectations of adults.

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T4T - Tools4Teaching in Digital Education Settings 

2021 11 01- 2023 10 31


T4T project focuses on supporting adult educators and formal, non-formal and informal training providers to effectively shift towards digital education and to provide the same level of learners’ interaction and ‘human-like’ experience, as in the physical environment.



2022 - 2024


The project aims:

- to help museums to have a greater understanding of the needs of people with disabilities (PWD) and implement necessary changes and improvements in the environment and in attitude;

- to share best practices in improving skills and competences of cultural institutions and students to work with PWD in order to improve their access to cultural heritage (CH);

- to put forward innovative accessibility solutions, which allow PWD to fully enjoy CH;

- to engage PWD as advisors, co-creators and evaluators of proposed accessibility solutions.


Breaking Barriers

2022 01 01 - 2022 12 31


The project aims at contributing to solving the problem of cyberbullying and hate speech online among young people (aged 11-15) using modern technologies (VR, AR, apps, video games) and promoting tolerance, empathy, development of EI, understanding towards each other, acceptance and breaking some stereotypes which are still very vital.



2022 02 28 - 2024 02 27




E-MAIL ART - jaunų žmonių kompetencijų stiprinimas ugdant vyresnio amžiaus žmonių skaitmeninius gebėjimus

2022 03 01 - 2022 12 31


Projektas E-MAIL ART arba elektroninio pašto menas apjungia keletą ypač svarbių socialinių veiksnių - jaunų ir vyresnio amžiaus žmonių bendravimą ir bendradarbiavimą, kūrybiškumą, vyresnio amžiaus žmonių izoliacijos ir vienišumo jausmo mažinimą bei skaitmenines technologijas. Projektas atlieka dvejopą funkciją – skatina socialinių tinklų vyresniame amžiuje stiprinimą ir palaikymą bei puoselėja savanorystės idėjas ir skatina jaunus žmones įsitraukti į savanorišką veiklą.


Sužinok, išbandyk, perdirbk…

2022 08 01 - 2022 12 15


Všį „EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI“ ir Šiaulių „Juventos“ progimnazija siekia projekto metu ugdyti ir supažindinti vaikus apie tvarų vartojimą, rūšiavimą ir pan. principus. Projekto metu bus įrengta STEAM ugdymo žalioji erdvė, kurioje dalyviai galės gilinti gamtos pažinimo žinias. Viso projekto metu ugdysis vaikų bendruomeniškumas, kūrybiškumas, gamtos puoselėjimo ir tvaraus vartojimo žinios.

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