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Enabling Adult Educators to Cope with Aggressive Behaviour of Disadvantaged Learners - COPE 

2022 09 01 - 2024 08 31


This project is designed to expand the knowledge regarding the training activities of adults with mental or intellectual disabilities to deal properly with their aggressive behaviour and other emotions.


Transition Mode for Adults: Ecological and inclUsive Digital Education - EcoDigi

2022 09 01 - 2024 08 31


The project aims to develop digital teaching materials and tools to support and enhance the effective use of eco-friendly digital technologies. It will bring together the concepts of digital readiness and resilience, environmental sustainability, and inclusion, and explore the multiple intersections between them, bringing together experts and organisations from these thematic areas for a mutually enriching experience.


Empowering Educators and Families for LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Support (ELIS)

2024 02 01 -  2025 07 31


The overall aim of this project is to foster an inclusive environment where children with a different sexual orientation and/or gender identity feel safe, respected, and empowered to thrive. 

Project website

Creative Seniors – Be Active, Be Artist, Inspire Others (CreaS)

2023 12 31 - 2025 12 30


Main objectives of the project:

1) increase the AVAILABILITY OF SUITABLE HIGH QUALITY LEARNING RESOURCES for this specific target group;

2) encourage them to GET ENGAGED IN NEW EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES, thus involving them in life-long learning;

3) go one step further – and MOTIVATE them to take the lead and to become SENIOR PEER-TO-PEER EDUCATORS and to inspire and involve other elders.

Project website

Digital Identity

2024 05 01 - 2024 12 15


The project aims to provide young people with more information about online safety and to promote awareness of their use of social networks.

Project website
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