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MailArt4Seniors methodology

Artistic creation is directly linked to inspiration. The absorption of what surrounds us stimulates our imagination and results in the motivation to create. Inspiration is essential to create any form of art. When an artist looks for inspiration around them, it is often in nature that they find it.

Our project team has been working hard to develop the Mail Art 4 Seniors training modules. They have all been tried out during the Learning, Teaching and Training Activities. Once in Madeira, Portugal, then we tweaked and polished them off and tried them again in Thessaloniki, Greece! Now the modules are ready for adult trainers to use when facilitating activities with seniors!

Today we would like to introduce you to the first module, “Mail Art and Nature”. The mail Art and nature leads its creators to create from elements of nature.

We offer trainers to have 3 sessions under this topic. This way, the participants will be able to:

• Understand the concept of “Mail Art”

• Distinguish the different specificities of contemporary artistic practices

• Experiment with various techniques of expression

• Exploring various materials from nature as a work support

• Understand the existing natural heritage in the territory and recognize the natural diversity

• Promoting social inclusion through the sharing of intergenerational experiences

• Develop a creative workshop and exhibition of the works carried out

All our modules will be available to download for free on our e-platform in January. Please keep your eyes open for more news

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