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Digital Identity

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Project coordinator - VšĮ Edukaciniai projektai


The project aims to provide young people with more information about online safety and to promote awareness of their use of social networks.

In today's society, the internet is becoming an integral part of life. Every step of the way, digital footprints are left behind. This is important not only for adults but also for young people, who often do not think about the potential dangers. Social networks are becoming not only platforms for communication but also places where young people recklessly share large amounts of personal information, putting their own safety at risk.

Key objectives:
1. Raise young people's awareness of the digital footprint they leave online.
2. Raise young people's awareness of the importance of the security of their personal data.
3. Inform young people about the threats they can face on social networks and how to avoid them.
4. Teach young people how to behave safely online.

This project is funded by Šiauliai City Municipality

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