Algorithm of Violence and Bullying Intervention in General Education Schools


Algorithm of Violence and Bullying Intervention in General Education Schools

The algorithm is a consistent and complex system for overcoming violence and bullying, which, if implemented in a school, would run a year-long prevention, intervention and post-intervention program that reaches every member of the community.


The project envisages pilot implementation of such an algorithm in one of Šiauliai city schools, one of Joniškis district municipality, and one of Akmenė district municipality schools where the activities will be implemented in collaboration with the project partners.


PrevNET (Promoting relationship and eliminating violence network) - according to the prevention of bullying and violence Canada is on of the national leaders in the world ( "The network's guidelines, Bullying Prevention and Intervention in the School Environment: Factsheets and Tools", are a structured model for implementing bullying prevention programs in schools.


When implementing the project, the applicant will rely on the guidelines of this model, adapt it in Lithuania and apply its international experience in the field of education of young people. The Erasmus + project "App Your School" took over the philosophy of Bruno Munari and Alberto Manzi and created a "digital atelier" that would encourage students to use information and computer technologies for personal and public benefit. Based on the Canadian model and the Italian philosophy of education, the model developed will focus on each member of the community and cover several levels:

1) education;

2) evaluation;

3) prevention and intervention;

4) school policy.



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  • Informaciniai seminarai - "Elektroninio pašto menas - kiekvienam"

  • Savanorių mokymai - pilotinis mokymų programos išbandymas

  • E-MAIL ART užsiėmimai vyresnio amžiaus žmonėms

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